Healthier buildings. Healthier people.

The indoor climate management tools allow you to prevent indoor air problems, optimise conditions, improve energy efficiency, and take control of indoor air communications. At Freesi, we offer a solution which helps you understand and control all of this.

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Freesi is the answer of diginative engineers to the challenges of indoor climate management



Growing team of amazing people



Freesi has customers in Finland and around the world.



Freesi works together with other property technology service providers for seamless integrations

Freesi briefly

We are a team of passionate software and engineering professionals from Finland.

We develop the Freesi indoor air service, which offers a solution to modern-day indoor air challenges.

Freesin työntekijöitä

“Because Freesi’s way of thinking is new, we named our approach indoor climate management.”

Freesi’s values

We have summarised our values into four important principles, which guide Freesi’s operations and working method.

We look after employees

Happy and thriving employees are the core of Freesi. When the team is well, good performances can be achieved, and added value is produced for the customers every day.

We care for customers

Freesi genuinely cares for its customers. When our customers are satisfied, we are satisfied.

We look after the environment

Freesi participates in supporting a better and greener future.

We look after Freesi

Freesi can only succeed and implement its purpose by continuously producing more value for the customers and us.