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Healthier buildings. Healthier people. That's our mission. With us, you're doing good for the people and environment.

Become a part of our team

We are looking for the following roles to join our team! In these roles, you will work as part of the Freesi development team on our SaaS-based indoor climate management solution. Click the links below to find more information about the roles.

We provide a supportive work environment where fresh and innovative thinking is valued and knowledge sharing between team members is encouraged. In addition, we believe in mentoring and commit to supporting you to learn and progress in your career.

The heart of our company is our people and their families. Their well-being is at the core of our company. We want to create a work environment where you can thrive and feel inspired.

Antti-Jaakko – CTO

Aleksi – Head of Dev / Full Stack Developer

Amy – Full Stack Developer

Antti – Data Scientist

Technologies we work with

Our development teams chooses the technologies we work with. Our current tech stack and tools include Java, Spring Boot, TypeScript, React, Python, MongoDB, Azure SQL, Docker, Kubernetes, Azure, Azure DevOps, JetBrains IDEs, VSCode and PowerBI.

Yhtiön perustajajäsenet: Samu Niska ja Antti-Jaakko Alanko

Freesi in a nutshell

Freesi is a Finland-based indoor climate monitoring and optimization solution provider founded in 2017. Since then, Freesi has been a market-leading service provider in the domestic markets. And now, we're on our way to international growth!

Our Company Culture

As a part of the team you will have a major impact on the team culture and how it operates. Here below you can see some of the principles we aim to live by.


We are open minded and ready to evolve every day. We practice and share feedback for development.


We are humble and we desire to learn more. We are courageous in discovering the unknown. We are not afraid to fail to succeed. 

Success centricity

We have ambition to be the best in class. We always do our best with no quality compromises.

Work ethic

We always keep our promises and we respect each other, our clients, partners and competitors.

Work from wherever you want with a schedule that suits you.

Our head office is located in Karaportti, Espoo. However, you can work from wherever you want in your own schedule.


If you have any questions regarding the open job positions or joining the team, please do not hesitate to contact Aleksi Moisio.

Aleksi Moisio,