Succeed with indoor climate management

Attract and retain high-quality tenants with indoor climate monitoring.

Freesi kiinteistösijoittajille

Optimize tenant satisfaction and return on investment with smart solutions

Achieve healthy indoor climate with less energy

Identify areas of energy waste, such as over-cooling or over-heating, and adjust systems to reduce energy consumption while maintaining a comfortable indoor climate.

  • Reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, resulting in lower operating costs and a more sustainable portfolio.

Provide comfortable and healthy environment for occupants

Manage indoor climate development across your portfolio by monitoring the key figures.

  • Identify any potential health hazards and take action accordingly.

Attract and retain high-quality tenants

Studies have shown that tenants are willing to pay a premium for premises managed for indoor air quality.

  • Achieve higher rental income.

Set science-based targets for social responsibility

Set portfolio level targets for the “S” of ESG and measure your social impact.

  • Reduce the carbon footprint of your portfolio while caring for your tenants.

Climate reporting shall be mandatory for property funds from 2023 onwards.

Better health and energy savings are created with Freesi.

0.22 € / m2 / month

Amount of savings

Properties’ average savings produced by Freesi.

+35 %

Increase in work productivity

Improvement of good indoor air has on work efficiency and quality.

0.122 € / m2 / month

Freesi's cost

Typical cost of the Freesi indoor climate service for the customer.

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+25 %

Increase in profit potential

Achieve up to 25% higher investment returns on the property.

-30 %


Decrease maintenance costs by up to 30% with proactive interventions.