Reduce energy consumption in your buildings with room temperature optimization

Reduce energy usage without compromising tenant satisfaction with Freesi optimized energy™. We help building owners and managers identify premises that are overheated or overcooled, and to take action to address these issues.

Features of the energy-saving analytics view

  1. Identify the premises that have saving potential & analyze where and what measures to take
  • Monitor the success of the measures taken
  • Report credibly on the energy-savings to all stakeholders

Why room temperature optimization?

Responsible building owners and managers aim to reduce energy usage in their buildings to reduce their environmental impact and costs associated with energy consumption. By optimizing room temperatures, building owners can reduce their energy consumption and save money in the long run. Besides the environmental impact and cost savings, the benefits of room temperature optimization include improved air quality, and increased comfort for occupants.


  • Increased comfort for occupants & improved air quality
  • Reduced energy usage and cost savings
  • Reduced emissions from energy production

Benefits are evident. Why aren’t all the building owners & managers optimizing room temperatures?

One of the primary reasons based on our experience is the presumed difficulty of the process. If you’re wondering, “How do I know in which buildings I have saving potential and what should I do to optimize the temperatures?” you’re not alone. Systematic room temperature optimization requires continuous temperature measurement data from the building and suitable software to interpret and monitor the data to answer these questions. Unfortunately, many building owners and managers presume this is costly and difficult to achieve, even though it can be something other than that.

Additionally, many building owners may be unaware of the significant saving potential related to room temperature optimization and the additional benefits that include increased comfort for occupants, improved air quality, and reduced emissions from energy production.

Freesi optimized energy is a pioneering solution to tackle the challenges related to room temperature optimization. It is an affordable and easy-to-use solution to identify premises that are overheated or overcooled, and to take action to address these issues to reduce energy usage, improve air quality, and increase tenant satisfaction.

How much can you save with room temperature optimization?

By optimizing the temperature of a space, building owners can reduce their energy consumption by as much as 10-30% based on the US Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Program. Hence, the energy-saving potential of room temperature optimization can be significant. In an extensive property portfolio, the annual savings can go as high as hundreds of thousands of euros. Hence, room temperature optimization can translate into significant savings on energy bills, making the initial investment in such a system quickly pay for itself.

Successful room temperature optimization – How it works?

1. Measure conditions

The process starts with data collection. We can collect room temperature data inexpensively regardless of the property’s age or the building technology.

2. Locate potential

In our FreesiCloud software, you can identify where the saving potential is located in your portfolio and prioritize the properties according to the greatest saving potential. Preview an example energy saving potential report here.

3. Take action

Analyze where and what measures to take and inform the tenants about the upcoming changes. We will provide you with a tenant briefing template to get the communication started right with the building occupants.

4. Monitor effects

Monitor the effects of the measures taken. Ensure that the target temperature is achieved and it remains. Monitor user satisfaction to ensure pleasant indoor conditions in the premises.

5. Interact efficiently

Keeping building occupants satisfied is a priority. Efficient communication ensures tenant satisfaction. We provide Feelis communication system for real-time tenant feedback.

2-minute introduction to the new energy-saving feature on FreesiCloud

Freesi launched a new energy-saving analytics feature to FreesiCloud indoor climate management software as a part of the Freesi optimized energy concept. Watch the brief video to get a sneak peek on how the new feature works!

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