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Freesi is the solution for sustainable and healthy indoor climate

Freesi provides effective tools for sustainable indoor climate management. You get  science-based reporting for social responsibility and all necessary certificates like  RESET Standard and AirScore that give GRESB points. Freesi helps you to set goals and make considerable improvements in the indoor climate of your real estate  portfolio.

Social part of ESG in real estate is difficult to strategize for. The industry lacks quantitative  and science-based social metrics and benchmark data. Self-defined success metrics  decrease transparency and credibility, and increase investor risk. Freesi solves this  challenge.

Indoor Climate is the most impactful science-based metric to start with social sustainability  targets. Now you can set transparent and science-based indoor Climate metrics for the ‘S’ of ESG with Freesi.

Master the ‘S’ of ESG in real estate

SSetting social responsibility targets used to be challenging due to the lack of science based metrics and benchmark data. With Freesi you can use indoor climate quality to set  portfolio targets and report the ‘S’ of ESG.

Indoor climate is the S of ESG

Take responsibility for your indoor climate with us

Indoor climate quality is the most impactful social responsibility element in real estate. We  spend 90% of our time indoors and the indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than outdoors. Freesi gives you effective tools to successfully manage indoor climate in your buildings to secure healthy, productive and comfortable environments for building users.

Our advanced solution visualizes indoor climate data in  an easy-to-understand format, and AI enhances usage with intelligent observations. So that you can observe, report and predict indoor air conditions with ease using a single cloud service.

Tomorrow’s sustainability leaders are managing their indoor climate today. More than 180 organizations around the world rely on Freesi!