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Freesi revolutionizes indoor air monitoring and quality – AINS Ventures supports the technology company’s growth path

AINS Ventures sijoittaa sisäilman edelläkävijään Freesiin

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The Finnish Freesi service is revolutionizing the way indoor air quality is monitored and maintained. Developed to assist property owners and managers, the technology relies on comprehensive data collection and visualization. AINS Ventures is promoting the growth of the Freesi service alongside a European investor group.

IISY Oy, the Finnish technology company developing the Freesi indoor air service, has secured €2.1 million in early-stage financing from an investor group. The group includes startup investment company AINS Ventures, as well as Helen Ventures and Curiosity Venture Capital. Business Finland also supports the company’s international growth through funding for Young Innovative Companies.

“The fundamental problem in both old and new buildings is uncertainty about indoor air quality. Managing indoor air largely involves solving unexpected challenges, and the means of addressing these issues are somewhat outdated, despite Finland’s high level of expertise in indoor air planning and automation,” says Samu Niska, CEO and founder of IISY Oy.

The Freesi service is based on building automation, user feedback, and data collected by IoT sensors placed in the premises. The information is presented in a visual format on a cloud platform. The service enables the comprehensive monitoring of various indoor air quality factors and energy consumption, assisted by artificial intelligence, even in larger property portfolios.

“Property owners need to know whether their properties are performing according to their goals. In the commissioning of new buildings, there should be no concern about indoor air functioning properly. In renovation projects, it should be possible to demonstrate the impact of the refurbishment on indoor climate, especially if users expect improvements. We address this need for transparency in the service through our user communication tool, Feelis,” adds Niska.

Freesi’s Feelis gathers continuous feedback on users’ satisfaction on the premises. With the Freesi service, responsible property owners adhering to EU taxonomy can manage their properties’ carbon footprint while ensuring pleasant conditions for occupants.

Indoor air monitoring and design as a turnkey service

Most of Freesi’s sales come from international markets, and Freesi is also listed in Deloitte’s Technology Fast program as one of Finland’s 50 fastest-growing technology companies.

AINS Ventures’ investment in the Freesi service also opens up new business opportunities for A-Insinöörit as an indoor air, renovation, and building services designer.

“Indoor air is a multidimensional issue that significantly affects productivity and well-being in workplaces. It can also serve as an indicator of a building’s structural condition. Sustainable renovation measures often require extensive expertise in building physics and indoor air management,” says Max Levander, Chief Technology Officer at A-Insinöörit.

“With Freesi, we gain an excellent tool that supports our expertise for the benefit of our customers. In the future, customers can also order Freesi through us for the maintenance of their properties or entire property portfolios. Together with A-Insinöörit and Freesi offers a service model for comprehensive control of indoor conditions and energy optimization.”

Additional information:

Samu Niska, CEO, IISY Oy. Phone: 0400 72 60 60, Max Levander, Chief Technology Officer, Renovation Design and Expert Services, A-Insinöörit. Phone: 050 501 3875,

AINS Ventures is part of the innovative design and consulting firm A-Insinöörit and specializes in growth company and technology investments that develop the practices of the construction and real estate industry and improve urban life. – BOOST for startups

IISY Oy is the developer of portfolio-level indoor air management tools and the Freesi service. With Freesi, you can prevent indoor air problems, optimize conditions, improve energy efficiency, and take control of indoor air communication. Freesi offers a solution that helps you understand and manage all of this. Become an indoor climate leader – Freesi.