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The Freesi indoor air service helps eliminate indoor air problems

Siilinjärvi, located in Eastern Finland’s province of Northern Savonia, is a youthful, active and growing municipality which caters for a diverse range of services and beautiful nature. The Freesi indoor air service is an important tool for the Municipality of Siilinjärvi in real estate maintenance.

Services in use

  • Freesi platinum license
  • Meter service
Jukka Kellokumpu

"Freesin avulla olemme saaneet tärkeää tietoa vanhojen kiinteistöjen ilmanvaihdosta sekä sisäilman tilasta."

“We have a few properties in the Municipality of Siilinjärvi, which are more than ten years old, and we have not had any up-to-date information about their indoor air quality. Freesi has allowed us to obtain valuable information about the old properties’ ventilation and indoor air quality”, says Jukka Kellokumpu, Head of Premises at the Municipality of Siilinjärvi.

Easily manage indoor air with a digital service

Freesi’s digital indoor climate management service has been actively used at Pöljä School in Siilinjärvi for half a year. According to Kellokumpu, Freesi has helped the Municipality of Siilinjärvi clarify properties’ pressure differences and their causes.

“In addition to the condition of buildings, it is my responsibility to ensure that there is also enough money for renovations and new investments. We had no information about Pöljä School’s indoor air because our automation was insufficient to monitor it. After introducing Freesi, it was made apparent that there were problems with the building’s pressure ratios. We began to resolve the problem immediately”, Kellokumpu describes.

Properties are taken care of with good cooperation

Kellokumpu has not had any previous experience with digital indoor air tools, but the benefits of the service have proven to be significant, particularly in older properties. Freesi utilises Digita’s nationwide IoT LoRaWAN network.

“I can recommend Freesi, especially for properties over ten years old, where their
automation does not provide sufficient information about the indoor air quality. Freesi has allowed us to obtain good observations about the indoor air and pressure differences of properties, which is very important in terms of the maintenance of the properties,” says Kellokumpu.

For the Municipality of Siilinjärvi, working with Freesi has taught them a lot, and it has been rewarding. Today, the properties’ indoor air is managed in cooperation with Freesi’s experts.

“We have regular meetings to review how the situations have developed at our differen sites. Our cooperation has worked well and will most definitely deepen in the future, too,” Kellokumpu praises.